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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get the best pricing for you?
Energy markets have been very volatile over the last 5 years.  We know this will remain the same as more world events and projected resource shortages occur.  We will assist you in the selection of a quality supplier and monitor the energy market on a daily basis.  This enables us to help our clients receive a more competitive energy price.  We have a good track record for maintaining savings over the length of the agreed upon contract period.
How can your company save money on energy?
We will help you assess your volume usage and load profile to determine your annual volume savings.  We will help you select a supplier that offers the best savings and contract terms.
Are we a broker?
We do not broker energy to buy and resell to our clients.  We provide procurement expertise with supplier selection and contract review.
Who are our customers?
We serve a diverse group of customers such as manufacturers, service businesses, non-profits and government agencies.   A few examples of our customers are:
  • Bottling Companies
  • Food Processing Companies
  • Nursing Homes
  • Industrial Parks
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services
  • Manufacturers & Fabrication Plants
  • Water Authorities
  • Recreation Complexes
  • County Prisons
What is our service area? 
We have clients in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.
What other services do we offer? 
We can help you make educated and informed decisions not only in the selection of an energy supplier, but also in the following areas:
  • Providing research and application assistance for grant funding resources.
  • Facility energy audit reports and recommendations for energy usage improvements
  • Energy conservation recommendations
  • Feasibility studies for operational energy cost reductions.